ACL 2019 is finally here, and we’ve got an excellent lineup this year! Whether it’s your first time or your 17th time (any proud OGs since ACL ‘02?!), we’ve created a 2019 User’s Guide to doing ACL the right way - from getting there, to being there, to leaving in one piece. Enjoy!

Getting there

One of the single most stressful things about ACL is actually getting there. Thankfully, ACL partnered with a few transportation avenues that should *hopefully* cut the stress out of getting there. Here are your options:

1 Free Downtown Shuttle

Since there will be no parking at ACL (or anywhere at Zilker Park for that matter), ACL is providing Complimentary Official Festival Shuttles that can be accessed from Republic Square Park at the corner of 4th & Guadalupe streets. They will drop you off on Barton Springs Road outside the Barton Springs West Entrance.

When you’re ready to leave, you can find a ride back on a return shuttle outside the Barton Springs West Entrance.

The shuttles at Republic Square start driving at 12:00PM on both Fridays and at 11:00AM on both Saturdays and Sundays. The shuttles make their final return from the park at 11:00PM each day of the Festival (directions from

2 Uber

ACL partnered with Uber this year to offer a more streamlined ride experience for their attendees. Here’s the scoop, via

To get to the fest, type “Austin City Limits Music Festival” or “Zilker Park” into your app as your destination. This will update your dropoff point to the nearest dropoff point around the festival.

To leave, you must first exit the festival and walk away from Zilker Park to get outside of the restricted area. You will be able to request a ride as normal in the app once you’ve crossed the River, South Lamar Blvd or Frontage Rd.

3 Cap Metro

Cap Metro has dozens of bus routes that operate every 15 minutes, 7 days a week. Your best bet to get to ACL is MetroRapid Route 803. The best way to catch a ride on the metro is to use the CapMetro App.

4 Scooters & Bikes

Bike parking is available on Stratford Drive near the Mopac Pedestrian Bridge. Additional bike and Scooter (Dockless Mobility) Parking will be located on Toomey Road at Sterzing Street and on Azie Morton Rd.

Being There

Congratulations, you’ve successfully made it to the festival! In order to make sure your experience is the best it can be, here’s what to do & know before you get there:

1. Activate your wristbands beforehand

In order to get into the festival, you must have an activated wristband. These wristbands are pretty powerful, which store emergency contact info & credit card info for easy purchasing at the festival. Get on & enter your wristband ID to activate your band and its purchasing capabilities (aka ACL Cashless).

2. Stay Hydrated

ACL offers a CamelBak Hydration Water Refill Stations for access to free, cool, filtered water and cooling stations placed all around the venue. They encourage everyone to bring their own EMPTY water bottle with them to utilize these amenities.

3. Pack Light

When you arrive at ACL, you will be subject to an airport-style security screening and bag search. The more bags you have on you, the longer it will take you to get through this line. ACL will also offer a “No Bag” line, which will be much zippier than the latter, so consider fitting everything you need into a fanny pack or lightweight drawstring bag.

ACL summarizes their bag policy like this:

Other prohibited items can be found here:

Getting Home Safely

In big crowds of people, it’s always smart to use the buddy system and have established meetup points should you get lost or separated from your group. ACL suggests that you use their Guest Services Tent located by the video info tower near Barton Springs Road as a designated meeting point. This is an area where you can also report suspicious activity or get help from a security person on staff.

And for you folks taking Ubers/Lifts home, make sure that you double check the license plate and never call out the drivers name before verifying their identity. Instead of approaching the car asking “Are you Jennifer?”, approach cautiously and ask “What is your name?” and “Who are you picking up?” before getting into their car. There have been way too many creeps exploiting large events like this for us not to put that out there.

We hope these tips help you stay safe and have a blast this year. ACL procured an excellent lineup of talent that is sure to be a highlight of 2019!