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Texas takes the lead as top state for Gen Zers’ relocation, says new report

A recent population analysis by real estate marketplace Zillow has identified Texas as the top destination for Gen Z – adults born between 1996 and 2004. The Lone Star State attracted a staggering 76,805 Gen Z movers in 2022 alone, surpassing even California, the second-ranked state, by a significant margin with its 43,913 implants. 

The report, which utilized data from the 2022 U.S. Census Bureau, highlights several key factors driving this trend. Unsurprisingly, job opportunities appear to be the biggest draw, particularly in cities like Austin, where a thriving job market now boasts many of the country’s top employers. 

Austin’s appeal is further enhanced by its substantial remote workforce, especially in comparison to other major U.S. metros. After Austin, the Dallas suburb of Frisco ranked second in the country, indicating a broader appeal across Texas as a whole.

Weather also plays a role in Texas’ allure, with our mostly year-round sunshine offering a more attractive living environment for young adults seeking outdoor activities, dating opportunities and a sunnier quality of life.

Beyond Texas, other states experiencing a high influx of Gen Z movers include Washington (No. 5) and Colorado (6), which gained over 33,500 and less than 31,000 new Gen Z residents respectively in 2022. 

Despite the appeal of these states, becoming a homeowner remains challenging for many Gen Z workers, with 77 percent opting to rent in these high-cost areas. 

“Gen Z movers are likely drawn to the job opportunities in these states, despite the higher costs of housing,” Zillow principal population scientist Edward Berchick explains. “They may also be in a stage of life where they’re willing and able to be flexible in their standards of living while starting their careers.”

According to the report, the top 10 states for Gen Z movers are as follows:

1. Texas (76,805)

2. California (43,913)

3. Florida (41,394)

4. North Carolina (33,690)

5. Washington (33,534)

6. Colorado (30,797)

7. Virginia (26,418)

8. Illinois (25,890)

9. Georgia (24,788)

10. Arizona (21,418)

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