Think back to when you were a fresh college grad. If being able to work, live, and party with your friends all in the same environment existed as a viable option back in the day, we would have been way more excited for the “real world” than we actually were (I blame career fairs and the mandatory black pant suits). Thanks to co-CEO of Oracle, Mark Hurd, that fantasy now exists.

Oracle’s groundbreaking concept of fostering a collegiate-style work/live/play ecosystem came at the tail end of 2018 when the concept of the Azul Lakeshore was created. This luxury apartment complex located right on the Oracle Waterfront campus in Austin was designed to house young Oracle professionals (namely fresh college grads), where they could experience a literal balance of work and life.



This campus housing idea was birthed out of Hurd’s Class Of Program; an initiative that promotes hiring more untrained, fresh college grads and putting them through Oracle bootcamp that prepares them to become master Oracle worksmen. This initiative is an attempt to bring a younger, more vibrant culture into a company that almost never hired inexperienced college grads.

The idea came to Hurd after spending an evening with his daughter and her recent-grad friends who had all landed similar sales jobs and were rooming together. Noticing this energetic, synergistic dynamic that was forming between his daughter and her friends from a career perspective, he decided to open Oracle up to more of that young, hungry energy.

"They had this infectious enthusiasm and I thought we should do the same thing at Oracle." Hurd said, via BusinessInsider (source).

Out of this idea to combine work, life and play into one ecosystem, the Azul Lakeshore was born as Oracle’s first on-campus luxury apartment complex.

The Azul Lakeshore rests on 400 acres of the new Oracle Waterfront development and consists of 294 units priced between $1,505/month for a one-bedroom unit and $2,055/month for a two-bedroom/two-bath unit.



It includes a recreation room, an office and meeting space (where you’ll typically see fellow Class Of’s working after hours together), a workout facility, a media room, and a resort style pool.



The complex has a very collegiate feel, and is described by residents (a.k.a Oracle employees) as a place where “everyone knows everyone”.

To top it off, the complex is a very short walk to the main campus, so residents can easily come home for lunch, walk their dog, and make it back to work for their mid-afternoon Starbucks run.

And yes, this new Oracle office is furnished with its own custom Starbucks menu.


One Netsuite Tea, please.

Sounds like a recent grad’s dream, right? How do you think this new work/life ecosystem Oracle is creating will impact their business culture and bottom line?